This Great Journey

This Great Journey joins Colin and Franz through the greatest journey of all, life. Together we'll learn, grow and improve.

A new leg of the journey is posted every Saturday, with each month covering a new topic.

This Great Journey is about growing together and learning how we can all make the journey of life the best it can be. In order to pursue this goal This Great Journey features interviews with people from around the world, telling their stories along with sharing their knowledge and wisdom to show us a different prospective on life. Through this we can take what we learn and apply it to our own journey. In addition, we'll be embarking on book reviews sharing what we believe to be the key information from a specific book so you can determine whether its worth going on the path of reading it yourself.

We hope this show helps you grow and if you want to help us grow leaving a review is the best way to do that. We hope to see you along the path of This Great Journey.